H4 Dependents extension approved to same date while primary applicant's RFE got.


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I am H1b primary candidate, I applied extension before my i-94 date 24th april, also to my h4 dependents, then got RFE to me, and my h4 dependents.

When my RFE got cleared, he gave upto June30th, that we came to know by June 21st, then immediately filed another extension.  But my Attorney did not tell me that, h4 dependents also need to apply for extension. my employer also just told, they will get as usual 2 years of extension. Attorney sent response to my H4 dependents RFE on 2nd september, then USCIS gave approval to the back date to my H4 dependents until June30th only. So, now there is not extension application for them. I got RFE in August 20th to submit extra documents. 

Now my attorney is telling to file my RFE in premium for me, then after approval need to send my H4 dependents out of USA for stamping. He says h4 late extension may not be accepted. He says they are in 180 days period now, and they must get stamped after my application goes through.

Can you please suggest me, if there is any fair chance of applying for them without going out of this country?

If they want to go India and get stamping. What do they ask at the port of exit, as their i-94 got expired?

During the consulate interview, do they question the H4 dependents about this kind of situation.

I appreciate your help in this regards.



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