H1B Stamping with DUI and PC


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Hi All,


Here is my timeline:


Nov 2011: Arrested for DUI. Taken into CWOF. Dismissed. (I know CWOF is a conviction as far as immigration is concerned)

Dec 2011: Taken into protective custody during a game. Picture taken and released. No breathalyzer, nothing at all. I was not even drunk, came out of the rest room and they took me in.

My Situation:

I have been to India in 2012, but haven't been back since then. I need to go back now and need to go for stamping (wherein lies my fear of getting denied/stuck).  My wife is planning to go separately for her stamp. Either earlier or later. Essentially the plan is that I will be out of the country when she goes for her stamping. 

Do you think they have the grounds to deny me a stamp? My visa is approved till 2021. I have renewed my visa three times since the issues above. 


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