OPT Stem extension application issues

Divya Somaskandhan

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OPT STEM Recommendation date by DSO: July 2, 2019
60 day period of OPT recommendation ends on Aug 31, 2019.
On July 19, 2019 I sent my STEM OPT i765 application to USCIS, which I had mistakenly digitally signed. I received case receipt  i797c notice dated July 24, 2019. 
Upon seeing many facebook and online posts saying that the USCIS is denying digitally signed application, I was panicked and I contacted my DSO on Aug 28, 2019.
On Aug 29, 2019, I met with my DSO and she advised me to sign the i-765 . She then submitted a scanned copy  of my new i-765 and a scanned copy of my receipt to the USCIS Potomac E-mail contact from her end.  She asked me to send the physical copy of the i-765 (signed by ink), along with copy of my i797c receipt, a letter explaining the scenario and a copy of the email that she sent to USCIS (attaching scanned copy of my i797c and ink signed i-765). I sent the package to USCIS the same day through overnight shipping and it was delivered on Aug 30, 2019 (within 60 days of STEM OPT recommendation).
The same evening she received an acknowledgement from USCIS via -email that they will attach the scanned copied to my case and my case status changed to correspondence was received on Aug 29th later that night. Simultaneously, my physical copy of the form reached USCIS on Aug 30, 2019 at the potomac center.
I'm worried, if what I did is just fine. My initial OPT expires on Sep 19, 2019 and I'm extremely worried about the approval, though my DSO confirmed that it is the usual process they do. I spoke with DSO's from other schools and they said they'd advise the same to their students. I was told by few friends that a MTR could be raised if the USCIS denies my application, as I've done everything on time.
Meanwhile, between July 19- Aug 29, my H1B went into RFE and got denial due to specialty occupation as well. However, when i submitted the new i-765 I did not submit another i-20 as it may confuse the officer.
I'm sincerely praying god for a ray of hope and a positive result.
Please let me know if you have any thoughts about this and if I have take any additional measures.
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