Employer did not pay last month of salary


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Hello, I'm under so much of stress. I'm currently on H1B visa. I changed my employer last month and started working with them. And my previous employer decided not to pay me my last month of salary.

1) I know that I'm supposed to file a complaint with local wage authority. But my previous employer is located in Florida and I'm working at a client location in Atlanta. Do I need to go to Florida to file a complaint or I can file a complaint against him in Georgia. Is there any other way like email or mail to file a complaint?

2) My employer mentioned less salary when he filed my labor. But my actual salary is double that amount. He's now stating that he doesn't need to pay me salary for the last month since he already reached amount mentioned on my labor. I do have an offer letter where he mentioned my actual salary. What are my best options to fight this?

3) My employer is paying me per diem since I joined him. He never explained me why. I don't have any bills that he's asking for so he is threatening me to file complaint against me if I ask him to pay my salary. what are my options? Thanks

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