221g after drop box


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I am in India for vacation to see my family and had to get my stamping done since it was due to end on 9 Sep 2019.
My new i-797 (no change in company or client ) is approved till Nov, 2020. For getting the stamping done I went for dropbox option and was called for interview and finger prints , there again i was given 221g blue ( delhi ) and asked to send few documents on mail . I even told VO that i had documents in hard copy and showed client letter etc . i was just asked how much time i have been working with my company , my salary and my location ( where i live ). I told I was living in Dallas USA for one and a half year .  

Now i have sent them all documents they asked total 8 including contract , client letter and everything  which was needed . 

The status on CEAC (https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx) shows status as "Refused" for now and tells to follow the instructions provided during the interview; which i have already done today this all has happened as per below time lines.

21-Aug-19: Drop box submisson of passport with both I797.

26-Aug-19: Passport ready for pickup - called for interview.

28-Aug-19: Interview happened where I was given the blue slip (221g) and advised to send scanned copies of a few more documents.

30-Aug-19: At 10 am IST the docs were sent as needed.

Can anyone guide me how much time it can take for it to change from "Refused" to "Admin Processing" stage? This has jeopardized my whole vacation and my plans including the mood and i had to spend whole week out of my vacation till now travelling to and forth to Delhi. 

Does anyone know if blue yellow etc clours represent priority or anything like that . 

And does any one know what is needed from me except waiting because my tickets were booked (although not worried about them ) just worried about visa.  


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I also got 221g blue slip in dropbox and waiting for couple of documents from my company attorney before attending interview (fingers crossed). I was asked to bring all the supporting docs submitted to USCIS for my H1b, client letter, project details and w2's for 2 years. I am curious what documents have they asked you in first 221g and second 221g? It will be helpful for others who were in same situation to know the details. wish you all the best!


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