Working remotely from outside US and receiving salary in US bank account under w-4 tax withholding

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I was working on an H-1B visa, and I had to leave the US because of personal emergencies. My work permit expired a few months since.

I am waiting for my US employer (Let's call them 'A') to file a green card application since my 6 years on H-1B is almost fully used.

I am continuing to work remotely from India.  

 I was asked by company 'A' to submit a w-4 form, so that they can pay me directly, crediting my US bank account. (This was because they needed some recent payslips to start the green card processing.) I asked them about the w8-ben form since it seemed like the correct one for a non-us resident. (I am not a tax resident in the US in 2019) But they insisted they need a w-4 and maybe I can use a friend's US address, and I complied. 

I have two questions 

1) Immigration: Will this cause any issues during GC processing ,the next H-1B extension and visa stamping? If so, what preparations can I make to answer any potential questions from immigration.

2) Taxes:  Since this forum is immigration focused I am assuming tax questions would not be answered here  - it would be helpful if any of you familiar with such cases can provide any pointers where I can get help on the tax and refund topics.

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