Sevis transfer to another university while H1B RFE application is under review


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My H1B application received RFE and we have responded to the RFE. While USCIS is reviewing my RFE response can I transfer my sevis to do my 2nd masters. Will my H1B application get impacted due to my SEVIS transfer to another university? I am under cap gap which is valid till 30th September.  FYI filled premium on August 15th but need to transfer sevis by 23rd August. That is why need to understand if I can transfer sevis without impacting my H1B application- with RFE response which is under review by USCIS and I do not anticipate I will hear back before 23rd August. 

Any response will be really appreciated.

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Applying at a real university takes several months. Going to a fraud CPT institution will result in you not getting an H1, ever. If you have used OPT you can't use CPT on the same educational level.

Also, as soon as you are enrolled in another institution your OPT stops, and cap-gap stops.


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