During H1B Interview, is it Ok to ask to return Passport if 221g received


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I am on H1B status and my I-140 is approved. I am planning to visit India and go for H1B stamping along with  my family and kids. I have plan to visit another country as well for 1 or 2 weeks. But I want to go for stamping first before I visit another country. 

In my past I have received 3 time 221g during H1b Interview but got clearance in 2-3 months. 2 time they kept my passport that they sent after 2-3 months with Stamping on it with annotation (Clearance received).  1 time (last time) they returned my passport at interview time (without stamping)  but i received a mail from USCIS to submit my passport for stamping that I did and got it in mail within 2 weeks with stamping. 


Now my Question is : If I get 221g again in next visit for stamping, and if they keep my passport, Can i ask him to "return my passport and I will submit it once 221g is cleared?"


Thanks for your help


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