DUI H1b Stamped - Chennai

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Hey All,

Hope this post helps. 

I got DUI on 23rd Mar 2016, paid fees and attended driving safety course as directed and case was closed on June 10th 2016. 

Visa interview: 9th July 2019
Visa Interview Location: Chennai

VO: Hello Good Morning.!!
Me: Hello Good Morning, How are you.?
VO: I am good, thank you for asking. Can I see your passport. 
Me: Gave my passport
VO: Which company do you work, where do you work, whats your role.. etc job related questions
Me: Answered
VO: Seems like you have been arrested, can you explain the situation.?
Me: Explained and passed all the court documents.
VO: Verified documents and asked me to wait in lobby while court documents were scanned.

** After ten minutes, VO requested me to come to the window.

VO: explained to me about  standard procedure to go through Physician Panel (Mental and Physical evaluation) and gave me 221g and returned my passport and court documents. 
Me: Asked few question about the time lines, for which VO was not so certain of. 

10th July 2019: Completed medical evaluation (16,500 rupees fee and took almost 5 hours to complete all the evaluations)

12th July 2019: Hospital submitted my evaluation report.

31st July: Got an email from embassy to submit my passport.
1st Aug 2019: Submitted passport in Hyderabad
6th Aug 2019: Received email that my passport is ready for pickup.
7th Aug 2019: Picked my passport from Hyderabad location.

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