H1B stamping in Mexico


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Hello everyone,

I am one of the physician practicing in Harlingen Texas, USA. I would need some important clarification about my H1B visa stamping.

I am presently in B1 visa and would be getting my new H1B visa approved on Oct 1. I was under H1B visa from June 2008-June 2011 and I had to apply for B1 visa as my H1 expired. Now that I am under B1 and will be getting a new H1 under a new employer, Would I be eligible to get my H1 stamping at Metamoros? I am thinking of booking a visa interview date somewhere in November 2011.. My previous H1B stamping was in my home country India.

I researched a lot but I remain confused if I am eligible for H1 stamping in Mexico. It would really help if you could shed some light and help me make the right decision.

I am choosing Mexico for my H1 stamping because it is very near to me, convenient and It would also help to keep continuity of medical care for my sick patients at the hospital by avoiding long term vacation if I happen to go to India. But either way, I would abide by the decisions of the US consular services.

Also if somebody is coming to matamoros for H1 stamping, Please let me know. You can stay at my place in Harlingen free which is only 20 miles from matamoros.

Thanks for help in advance.

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- To my knowledge you can't go to Mexico for stamping since you are changing your status from B-1 to H-1, which I think is not being accepted by US consular offices in Mexico. All I heard recently is that they are only doing VISA renewals.

I would check with them before making any appointments. If you want to make it a short trip, I think Canada is still an option.

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