BCOM + MBA Marketing, done in 2002. Have 15 Years of IT experience- What should be SOC Code and SOC Title


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Hi All, Need suggestion. I have my H1B Extension due this year end. My Education is Bcom and MBA Marketing completed in 2002. 

I have been working on Oracle platform since 2004. I total have 15 years of IT experience. Now Which SOC Code I have to use and which SOC Title I have to use? Please advise. I Have to provide my Job duties and relevant SOC Code and SOC Title to my employer / Attorney.

Any suggestions please.

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3 hours ago, PSP79 said:

I Have to provide my Job duties and relevant SOC Code and SOC Title to my employer / Attorney.

That's not your job . That's your employers and their attorneys job. Unfortunately no one here will be able to tell you that simply because we do not know about the job and its details. Even if we do , we would not suggest you anything because that wrong and it is inappropriate to say the least. Looks like your employer is a consultancy company and the only suggestion to you is to stay away from such employers.

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The employer or his lawyer know your job duties and what SOC code matches your job duties. You are not involved in this.  In fact, your involvement could result in lots of problems.

The employer knows your job duties. They hired you for a particular job, after all, and they assign you work. And any immigration lawyer worth his or her money knows, based on the job duties, what SOC code to use.


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