Minor Citizenship and GC Renewal

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We have a bit of a weird situation that I hope someone knowledgeable will be able to shed some light on.

My son got his green card along with me and the rest of my family. He was 9 years old at the time. Years pass, he is 15 and we travel outside the country. While returning the CBP officer kindly points out that you are supposed to renew the GC for your son as he is past 14 years.

We're admitted without any issue and we apply for my son's GC renewal. The case goes without any update for a really long time - 1yr+ without any updates. Meanwhile me and my wife become naturalized citizens and apply for our son's citizenship through parents as he is still <18 years old. His US passport arrives and short while later - you guessed it, the renewed GC!

Question - what action if any we should take on this - just securely discard the GC? Contact USCIS and inform them this has happened and do what they tell us to do? Send the GC back unsolicited? :D

We had called USCIS before the GC arrived and they said you can leave the case as is and we will close it as invalid or you can go through a process to inform us of the same and we will see what we can do - we chose the former. I am not sure what is the best course of action here. Thanks in advance.

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