RFE: Speciality Occupation SOC 15-1132


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Recently got RFE (speciality occupation) with soc 15-1132. Have done BE in IT(India) and M.S. Management information systems (USA). Received the hard copy of RFE and it says that job responsibilities are vague apart from speciality occupation. Can someone please help how to justify this or anyone if you went through same experience and guide on that. 
Please suggest how to proceed in this case and what relevant documents need to submit . 

1.)Do I need to submit education evaluation also if have M.S. degree from here in US?
2.) From where to get expert letter?
3.) Any other documents which are important and need to submit? 

4.) what do attorneys have to do exactly when to do thorough documentation? And job evaluation?

5.) what proof can attorney show to prove that this job is complex?

Attorneys have just asked to provide him itself with 1. Job duties to his course mappings. Attorney is just arranging 2. Expert opinion letter post that and 3. My husband is also thinking of getting the manager letter. That’s it. Do these suffice the need? Not sure if these do. And if attorneys are doing their complete job or not? 

If someone can please share their documents or assist who has gone through this then it would be of great help.

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Hi Jazzbha1234,

You mention that, you got RFE.. RFE on what? Amendment or Extension..

If RFE on Specialty Occupation, then Education Evaluation has to be done again ( if it already done in past, request your attorney to do it again in this Current year ), Provide all your Educational Documents including your Mark List

Expericens Letter & Job Responsibilities also required and your Specialization in doing the Current Job, supporting Documents.. needs to provide..
In your case, you better approach your Attorney provided by your employer.. If not you can go with Murthy Expert






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