H1b Transfer when an earlier H1B Transfer is pending

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Hello All,

My job with Company A ended in the last week of  January and I started working with company B from the first week of March (within the 60 day grace period) who filed my H1b transfer under regular processing so the case status is still pending and I started working for an end client once I received the receipt notice. In the interim, I received an offer from company B which I accepted and they filed for H1b transfer under premium processing for which I received an approval and started working for company B from July. I sent in my resignation to company A, should there be any issues if the company B withdraws my petition or if that pending petition gets an RFE or denial. Would it in any way effect my H1b petition(already received approval for company C) or my employment with Company C.

The HR from company B with whom am no longer working with says he cannot withdraw the petition unless he receives an RFE, Since I already sent in my resignation would there be any issues I would face if the employer B doesn't withdraw the H1b petition.

Note: I have been in legal status during the whole tenure and have never violated the terms of my H1 visa. 

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