###### H1b Extension Premium Processing At Vermont : September 2011 #####


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Mine was filed in Regular: receipt dt 25th July

Upgraded to PP, Received by USCIS 21st Sept

Online Status: Acceptance since 23rd Sept

Approved on Oct 1st, attorney received email notification if approval

Waiting for hard copy and online status still not updated....I think it's pretty much useless trusting the online status!

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Hi, I have applied for my H1 transfer and extension through premium process on Sept 16 at vermont,Not yet received the Receipt number,only i have Fedex number and Approved LCA,Because of new employer pressure I gave notice to my current employer.Please some one suggest me what to do now?my current H1 is still Jan2014. Is any one faced the same issue like not receiving the receipt number after 12 days.


I am also in same situation.Applied for PP Transfer+Extension at Vermont on Oct 06.Current H1 is valid till Jan 2014 with Employer A.Applied for H1 transfer to Employer B(forcing me to give notice with Employer A). Have Fedex tracking number.I was advised to resign/notice from Employer A only after getting the receipt number(after which legally we can work with Employer B) by lawyers. It is still risky since we cannot be still sure that H1 transfer would get approved. But we need to be prepared in worst case scenario to pull back the resignation with employer A and continue working with them since the current petition with Employer A is still valid(Provided they do not cancel it with USCIS).

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Here are my full details (hope this helps!)

My H1B Original receipt Date: 25th July

Upgraded to PP (documents submitted): 21st Sept

Status changed to Acceptance: 23rd Sept

Approved on: Oct 3rd Email Notification to Lawyer Only (with new extension approval start date Oct 1st)

Onlne Status updated to Approval: Oct 5th

Received Hard Copy: Oct 11th

Approval Period: 2 year 10 months

Good luck to the people waiting! This forum has helped a lot providing estimates....

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