###### H1b Extension Premium Processing At Vermont : September 2011 #####


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I have applied for H1B transfer from company A to company B. Company A's H1 end on 09/30/2011.

Company B attorney sent my packet to Vermont Service center 31st august.

Packet posted - 08/31/2011

Recieved by USCIS - 09/01/2011

Reciept Date - 09/01/2011

Acceptance state - 09/02/2011

Date APPROVED - 09/13/2011

(Status changed to Post Decision Activity on 09/13/2011)

The status changed from Acceptance to Post Decision. It took exactly 13 days for approval.

Dont rely on USCIS status. Please be patient people I wish eveyone will get their approvals before 15th day evening for PP on this thread.

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Normal :

Receipt Date : 12-Jul - Acceptance.

Receipt Date : 25-Jul - Initial Review. [ I am guessing this date. Don't exactly remember when the status changed.]

Converted to premium on 09/09/2011:

Receipt Date : 09/16/2011 Status Initial Review.

Status Changed to Acceptance 09/19/2011.

E-V-C model.

Submitted Client Letter till 06/31/2012

Vendor Letter

Client Vendor Agreement [sOW]

Vendor Employer Agreement.

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