F1 Visa rejected thrice, should I reapply?


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Hi, my F1 Visa is denied for the 3rd time. Only one question is being asked "Which universities did you apply?" - This is on July 17, 2019

I have been rejected twice in 2016.  Not sure about the reason. Should I try again for the 4th time? I am also planning to marry my Girl friend who is on H1B. Would it be better to apply for a H4 visa after my marriage without trying for the 4th time?

Also, if im denied for the 4th time, would it impact my H4 visa in anyway after 4 months from now?

Thanks for your time

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31 minutes ago, Noah Lott said:

what utter nonsense about only one question being asked....no CO asks one question of an applicant, then denies their application....pure baloney. So many applicants make up this story trying to cast the CO in a bad light instead of admitting that they are not a qualified visa candidate....

Unless it is a fraud institution. Then that one question really is enough...

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