I-140 Priority date transfer before 180 days of notice with old employer

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Hi All,

I've been working with employer A for a long time and have an H1-B and approved I-140 with them,

but I haven't finished 180 days of employment after the I-140 approval notice (I140 received date Dec 2018 and approval notice date is Feb 2019) 

I'm moving to a new employer B in a couple of weeks and just got my H1-B with employer B is approved,

1. Is there anything that my employer B could do right now to preserve my priority date? Since I don't have the 180 day period completed yet.

Employer A is strict about revoking H1-B and I-140 immediately after I move to a new employer. 

2. Most Importantly, Is there still a thing that I need to stay with employer A for more than 180 days If I want to keep my priority date.

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