Changed field of employment - potential risks?

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Gurus - I am applying for citizenship soon.  Timeline to getting my GC looked like: 

1. Employer 1 (E1) filed original labor, 140, 485. Received EAD. Worked for 5+ years for E1

2. Switched to Employer 2 (E2) using H1B transfer. Also ported GC process using AC21

3. Got my GC within 6 months at E2. Stayed with E2 for another 2 years before leaving for  business school

4. Have been working in a different field since business school

Do you foresee any complications with this change in the field of employment? 

Also I have couple of speeding tickets (<$200) from 9+ years ago. I don't remember either the dates or the actual amounts. How do I report these in my application?

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Thanks JoeF, pontevecchio. So I started filling up the form online, and when I say "Yes" to citation, it asks for details including exact date (MM/DD/YYYY). I just vaguely remember the first speeding ticket was in 2005-2006 for <$100, and other was in 3-4 years preceding 2012 and was less that $200. That's all I recollect - I paid both the times without contesting. In addition, I have a <$100 video enforced traffic ticket from 2011-2012. 

Any thoughts on what I should put as dates for these given I don't even remember the year? I don't even live in that state/ coast for the last 8+ years, so getting anything from DMV will be difficult. 


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