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Greencard and Employer change

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My priority date is eb2 Dec 2010 ( tied up with same employer since last 10 yrs). 
Now I have full time job offer however the new client is not ready to file green card with in 1 year. 
My concerns are:-
What if I join new employer and he won't file in next 2 years. What will be the impact of it on my I-140/ green card process? 
What options will be the available at that time?
What are common challenges in such a situation? 
1: Join again consulting company who will be willing to file green card? Or 
2:join old employer?

I don't know process. If someone explains in detail that will be really helpful.

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There is no negative effect on decision except that your Green Card may arrive late if your PD becomes current and you don't have I-140 approved with your future employer.

I am assuming that you are from India.

Your PD s about 20 months away and PD is move has slowed down since past few months. My estimation is that if you do go for this new employer and follow their schedule your Green card might not have delay at all or it will be delayed by about six months than it would if you would remain at current employer.

My advice is to give a second thought of joining this new employer. If you are gaining significant advantage in your career, you should go with them and try to convince to limit starting Green card process as soon as possible. A lot of employer are not flexible about this but what I observed is that, if they don't have too much experience in processing Green cards, they don't understand the difference between applying quickly versus wait. If you are lucky, they may start sooner than what they said. 

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I usually advise people to revel and worry more about opportunities and great things you could do and let the paperwork takes its own course. As long as you stay legal and yourr future employer files for it and does it right, you should be just fine. if not, you always have other avenues to look at. 

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The new employer would have to start the process over from scratch. All you can reuse is the PD.

If the PD is current a new I-140 and I-485 can be filed concurrently.


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