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Few Question with DS-160 form filling

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MY Questions are:
1) I would like to bring my parents on on a visitor visa (B2) from India. My father is 'retried' and have savings from their pensions and rental incomes (around 16.5 lac), property and fixed deposits (around 65 lac)and also possess immovable properties & My mother is Homemaker. My parents have their parents and 2 children other one is settled in India. please help if this is enough fund t?o show for 2 persons for self sponsoring.

I'm on H1B Visa working in US since last 4.5 years and have decent funds in the bank (good financial standing & all documents are available) and also can happily sponsor their trip.
I was was reading about some the posts here and looks like self-sponsoring for retired parents is not a good option. (please correct me here!) so please advice what would be the safest option?

2) Job Experience? My Father is Retired 7 years ago. I choose 'RETIRED' as their current occupation. The next question asked me to fill about Previous employment details - Were you previously employed? (applicable only if employed for last 5years) I choose 'NO' so i didn't have to fill anything?
Now during the Review of the form it appears as following: Primary Occupation - Retired Were You Previously employed - This is Kind of Misleading as it suggest that my father never worked before. So please suggest is it Ok or shall write the past occupation details even its more than 5 years ago?? Any Help Will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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1. I read on the forums that sponsoring is least of the issues for visa officer to reject the visa, i.e., it does not matter who sponsors be it you or your father. I am also in the same boat and picked "SELF" as the option for my father. Let's not overthink. Showing strong ties in India and that they will be back after the visit is important here.

2. My father retired in 2007 and I provided all the previous employment details. You are supposed to provide all those details.

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Stay away from the process. Let one of your siblings help with the application process. You can certainly be the person paying for the trip. That is not sponsorship. Any trip planned should be for a reasonable period like 2 months and in the appropriate season for the place where you live. Stating an intention to visit say WYOMING in winter is an example of an application which is difficult to grant. Do not coach them in any way. Do not involve a Dalal. 

They should obviously know what you do and where you do it and on what visa.

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Your #1 is discussed numerous times on this forum. There is no such thing as "Sponsoring visitor visa". Visitor will have to show that they have sufficient fund to visit, spend here for whatever activities they want to perform and return in stipulated time. There is no minimum number for this but its good to have liquid cash; Fixed assets to dot qualify. They will also have to show that they have enough ties to home country. This is tricky but strong points to are job (not in your parent's case), close relatives in home country, Multiple close relatives not in US, education, past US visa and visits...etc. Their intent to return is significant and single-most item that will get scrutinized on officer making decision.

#2 Just use your best judgement and do not lie.

Also make sure to ready to respond to frequently asked questions such as why do you want to visit How long? Where are close relatives living?...etc.

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