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I'm a consultant and work in different client locations through consulting company, my employer. I'm in a very critical situation now as I have applied H1B with LCA with an end client location A. Now, I'm working with client B in the different project was over with client A.

My question is.. can't we amend the LCA with new client information and continue the petition (H1B process). If we can amend LCA, I can provide all the documents requested by USCIS from client B (my current client)..

Have anyone ever faced this type of situation?

Thanks & Regards,


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Was B listed on LCA as a worksite or as a client ? Seems like it was not.

If you are working at a client's location which is B presently, then your employer should have filed a new LCA and h1b amendment prior of you starting working at B. Your working at B without proper authorization is problematic and there is no such thing as LCA amendment. A new LCA needs to be filed along with h1b amendment. 

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