USCIS Client VIsit Questions

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With an intention that it might be useful for others, drafted all questions that were asked during the interview when a USCIS Officer visited the client place -
1) How did you find this job?
2) If at all your client wants to fire you for any reason, can he do?
3) Who would approve your leaves?
4) What is your salary?
5) Does your employer assign work to you?
6) Who is your supervisor at employer?
7) Who evaluates your performance report?
😎 What is the educational requirement for this job?
9) Describe your roles and responsibilities in detail?
10)  Email conversations with employer regarding Work/Performance reports?  (Luckily, i was able to divert him by showing the actual performance reports of hard copies)
11) How often you talk to your supervisor at employer? 
12) Who paid your petition fee?
13) Are you paid bi-weekly or monthly?
14) What is your designation? 
15) What was your interview process?
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