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RFE for business systems analyst with Electrical background

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Hi Team,

My LCA filed with code:15-1121 for business systems analyst.

i recently got an RFE asking for specialty occupation and employee employer relation.

To prove my specialty occupation i should Showcase that my education is relevant to my job, but i do have only 4 courses related to computer science and management in my both undergrad and mssters for electrical engineering.

1. Computer programing.

2. Oops 

3. Data structures

4. Computer networks

other than this i have 5. Project management course in masters.


1.Please do let me know how i can show that my education is related?

2. Did you see any such cases recently.if so, how can we proceed on this?

3. Are there any chances of approval?

4. Do you think i have a chance of approval?

i can show them all the endclient details..

but i am all worried about specialty occupation alone..

Please do guide me



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If you are working on a specific product or product based company and serving the company for good number of years, then your attorney can include that.


1.Please do let me know how i can show that my education is related? 

Educations +Exp+ Spl exams related to your work. Generally if a person is working outside India and working on specialty occupation, they consider for L1 visa.

2-3-4: Just be hopeful. These are common

Try to answer the  RFE questions relevant/based to this SOC Code:



Just my 2 cents. Thanks

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Now a days this cases are normal. Olden days specialty occupations were not given seriousness but now a days they do. I feel your employer with an experienced immigration attorney must look into this and you must stay out of this. This is not correct place to look for answers.

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