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I am currently on valid H1B status until 2021. Spouse is LPR, so applied for I-130 last year, with Priority date August 2018. Per June 2019 visa bulletin, I am eligible to file I-485 now. I am panning to apply for I-131 Advance Parole also with my I-485 petition. My H1B stamp from previous employer is valid until Dec 2019. I do not have visa stamp from my current employer as I just joined recently. Both previous and current employers are big size, and reputed American companies and I am FTE. I plan to travel to India in Oct. 2019 and return back in Nov. 2019. I was told I need not go for visa stamping when I travel since my visa stamp from previous employer is still valid, and I plan to return back to USA before Dec. 2019. Now my question is: 

1. Is it harmful if i apply for advance parole I-131 with my I-485 now? If I get the I-131 approved, should I take it with me to India during my travel, even if I plan to use my existing visa stamp to return back to USA? 

2. Or even if I receive I-131, should I not take it during my travel to India to avoid confusion? 

3. I heard it is best to use visa stamp to return back to USA than advance parole since people using advance parole may be subject to additional screening. Is it true? 

Please guide.

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1. It is not harmful

1,2. It doesn't matter if you take it with you or not.

3. It's not really "additional screening" but just having to sit in secondary screening for a while while they verify your AP in the computer system since it's in a different system than the one that's available to the immigration officer. But entering on an H1b visa does have the advantage that it gets you into H1b status, whereas entering on AP makes you a "parolee" without status.

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