H4 EAD Rejection and Re-application

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My wifes H4EAD application has been recently rejected. Attaching the rejection letter here.

When I had originally applied in July 2018 we were expecting a processing time of 3 months but for some reason the decision was delayed untill April 2019. I should state that my H1b originally was set to expire in Dec 2018 but had received extension in September 2018 and I immediately sent over letters detailing the extension to USCIS. 

The rejection letter doesnt clearly state 1 particular reason but I am looking to reapply as I have not received extension till Aug 2021 and H4 EAD is here to stay.

Is anyone able to go over the rejection letter and confirm our assumption that the application has been rejected because of Dec 2018 expiration? or in state the reasons in layman terms?

H4 EAD Rejection.jpeg

H4 EAD Rejection 2.jpeg

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