Admission to Ph.D while working on H1B

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No it's nearly impossible to do a PhD while working, it is not like a masters where it's a set of courses - it's research in a niche area with lot of uncertainty and time dedicated. Universities won't even entertain this. Try reaching out to admissions or read extensively on their graduate admission pages on part time PhD options.

There is no entrance exam - I'm not sure what field you are applying, what universities you are interested in - check their websites for requirements. It's usually GRE/TOEFL/Subject GRE.


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57 minutes ago, care_candidate said:

Sure you can. A lot of people do Second Masters, MBA and take courses while on H1b. PhD is not an exception here. Typically similar to any PhD, you are expected to devote lot of time doing research which can eat up time you would be working full time elsewhere.

Masters and PhD are two completely different things. With a Masters you have classes. For a PhD you do research and write papers, which is way more time-consuming than structured classes. You also have to travel to conferences to present the research. A person on H1 would have to pay these things, including conference fees, on his or her own, because the university would not be allowed to pay the person.

So, realistically, doing a PhD and working on H1 don't quite go together.

And it is obvious that the OP hasn't thought any of this through, based on his question about "entrance exams". One applies at a university in the program one is interested in. The university decide who they admit, based on the candidate's strengths. And things like TOEFL/GRE are a given (except for some top universities like MIT which have their own, even stricter, tests.)

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Yes, you can pursue a Ph.D. while working on an H1B visa in the USA. H1B visa holders are allowed to study, yet it's crucial to obtain your employer's approval. But do maintain your H1B status by adhering to the visa regulations. Try to make a balance between your work's requirement and your studies then. Once you've secured approval, you can apply to universities for a Ph.D. program. Each university may have its specific application process, so follow the guidelines respectively. he entrance exams for Ph.D. programs in the USA vary by university. Common exams include the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and subject-specific GRE tests. Some programs may require the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or specific departmental exams. As H1B visa holders might face limitations in obtaining financial aid. Seek scholarships, grants. Otherwise I'd suggest to better consult an immigration attorney like DYgreencard to ensure you understand all legal aspects and potential challenges related to pursuing a Ph.D. on an H1B visa.

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