Online Education Vs. Campus Education

Rajesh Agarwal

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I hold a 'Bachelor of Commerce' degree from India a Chartered Accountant from India (equivalent to CPA in USA). I am working in IT for last 14 years. I was in USA on H1B visa from May 2005 to May 2010 and then came again in April 2016 on new H1B. I got my H1B renewed in August 2018 which is valid till Aug 2021.

My employer is filing my PERM process (Green card).

Since I do not have any formal education in Computer/IT (I have done many training from Oracle, IBM, Cognos etc.),  my employer is asking to get a degree from US University in IT otherwise, as per new rules, next H1B extension will not be possible. Is it so?

If I need to do some degree from US University, then can I do degree which is 100% Online course or do I need to join Campus. Since I keep moving project to project, in Campus will be very difficult.

Please help me!


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The only legit, renowned, accredited  and reputable graduate level 100 percent online course that I know of is Georgia Tech's Online MSCS or OMSCS  and costs about 8k or less. But its very rigorous and a lot of people cannot manage the workload with a full time job so they take one class per semester and finish up in about 4 years or more.

You do not need to be on campus, the world is changing and so as the universities. Coursera along with collaboration with well known universities offers several Masters level degree programs.

Most of on-campus programs now a days have course material delivered online anyway. Learning is a self discovery. The choice of delivery mechanism is yours. The only thing that matters for H1b is that the university/programs should be accredited and from a non profit institution. 

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Thanks for your reply.

I found a University 'Western Governors University'. I am not able to verify whether this is' For Profit' or 'Non Profit'.

This is 100% online course and I am planning to do "Bachelor of Science - Information Technology". Here is the link of the University and selected cource work.

Please help me to know whether this will be accepted by the INS as formal education in Computers. This is not a degree in Computer Science. My current role is creating reports/ dashboards for management using various reporting tools like Tableau, Cognos, scripting SQL, querying data from database, applying security etc.


One more question, does INS require just the Degree which mentions that candidate has passed bachelor or masters or does it require all course work along with degree?


Thanking you for your kind help and advice.



Rajesh Agarwal




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