Question about what path to choose for EB1 - L1A or H1B


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I have a question which hopefully someone can help address. I have a valid H1B, approved and stamped till Nov 2020. I was managing a team when I was on H1B and then got an opportunity to move offshore and continue to manage the team from offshore which entitled me to avail the L1A Visa Managers and Executive program. I have 2 options now, one either come on L1A route or come back to States on the existing H1B visa and then apply for EB1. I have an approved I-140 as well when was do via H1B, again with the same company.

Question here for others, and hence seeking guidance. What would be the best and easier route? Would applying L1A with EB1 be the best option or stick to H1B and then apply for EB1. How would the I-140 play in here? Do I have to apply to a new I-140 again and port the date that I had available via the earlier I-140 as well?  Has anyone gone through some similar experiences? Appreciate if I can get some feedback on it. 

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