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How to report 1099 Misc on H1B?

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Hello all,

I have a question that is really befuddling me. Basically I'm a physician working in the US under H1B being sponsored by a private medical group. My tax forms are of course a W2 from that private group. Now the hospital where our group works at directly issued us a payment in 2018 (some bonus for saving the hospital money). So now I've received a 1099-Misc form from the hospital where they report the payment in box 7. Because of this, it is apparently treated as self employment/business income by the IRS. But under the rules of H1B, I'm not allowed to have this type of income. How should I handle this in my tax returns?

Thank you! 

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They should have reported this in box 3. While filing your return electronically fill up details of this 1099-Misc with box 3 ticked. The Hospital made an error. No point wasting time over it. Just file and since the money given to you will be correct, there is no problem.

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12 hours ago, Rjj said:

I know a TON of H1b visa holders who get 1099 and K1 income all the time. 

There are several different 1099s. 1099Misc are usually for work outside of employment. That's not allowed on H1. There are other 1099s for interest on investments, etc. That is allowed.

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