EAD in intial review even after 75 days


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Hi Gurus.need your assistance here.

I applied for my EAD. Date of receipt at TSC: 28 feb. Status shows initial review. Can I go ahead and raise a service request? Or do I mandatory need to wait for 90 days . Also, how much time it takes normally after raising a service request for the decision to come on the application?

Is it advisable to get an infopass appointment with USCIS officer now or wait for 90 days? Does USCIS allow an infopass appointment before 90 days?

Appreciate your help



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Hi Alexandre

Thanks for reply. Did you get your EAD card in ur had? How much time it takes from the time application gets approved/card production ordered till you get it in ur mail?

Also, wanted to know if it is mandatory to receive the cards before one is legally eligible to work on EAD or once approval is done, it is legally fine to work on EAD. Kindly let me know if you are aware.


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Ok I had Applied

On December 22

got approval on MArch 22 (exactly) 90 days after).

Got the I 797 approval receipt on hand 7 days after that March 29

Normally EAD came 3 or 4 days after you got the receipt, but mine

EAD card I got on April 22 because my attorney get lost on her p.o. box.

It is mandatory to have EAD card on your hand to start work legally and it is legally work with EAD card until you I 485 still pending

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