Applying for second f1 visa


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I have graduated from MS degree in 2014. I have been granted f1 visa in 2012.

I have utilized my 12 month OPT. 

I have been granted a 17 month STEM extension. (until Dec 2016).

I have been unemployed from June 2016-Dec 2016. 

I have left the country before my OPT period ended in Dec 2016.

I haven't informed the school of my unemployment of leaving the US then. I have contacted my university and they said my SEVIS record terminated in Feb 2017 (after my grace period ended.)

I have also worked with a freelance employer from June 2016-Dec 2016. I have been paid directly money deposited in bank account no W2 or no taxes have been filed for earnings in this period. That is why I have mentioned my status as unemployed in Jun 2016-Dec 2016. In short, this freelance employment is unverifiable. 

I am reapplying for a student visa for another graduate program this year.

Now, when I fill DS 160 again, do I mention my unemployment from Jun 2016-Dec 2016 or do I mention that my employment was freelance?

My school official said that I haven't accrued any unemployment days, I am aware that F1 students with STEM OPT are allowed 120 days. 

Please advice on the right course of action here.

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