RFE on I485 for expired I-693- Clarification on Supplement J


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Hi -
Please note that I received an RFE on my pending i485 (filed under EB1 on 12/9/2016) stating that "Form I-693 Expired after submission to USCIS" . I'm aware that I need to submit a fresh Medical Examination & Vaccination record for this RFE. 
Note:  My I-485 & I-140 were both filed together under EB1 category on 12/9/2016. My I-140 got approved on 06/16/2017
Now to my question
Along with this RFE letter , I have received an Cover page , wherein it states the following "Please check the appropriate box regarding if there is a new Form I-485 Supplement J, Conformation of Bona Fide Job Offer or Request for Job Portability, included.Please place the new form directly under this sheet if appropriate" .
Do I need to submit i485 Supplement J form along with this RFE?  Pls clarify. Is it mandatory? This is my second medical RFE since my I-485 was filed to USCIS
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