Changed from OPT to h1B in 2018, should i file taxes as resident or dual status?


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I changed from F1 OPT to H1B on May 29th, 2018 as my H1b petition was approved on that date after RFEs. 

I am confused about what form to file for taxes before april 24th, 2019. Since i was on F1 OPT, all the days till May 28th, 2018 will not be counted. IRS will start counting only from the day my H1B. Hence the number of days i was in the US for 2018 comes to about 205 days because of some travel i did outside USA. I am also confused about resident filing as I was not liable to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on F1 OPT for the first part of the year.

Should i file as a resident or dual status alien (non-resident from January to May 2018 and then resident for the rest of the year)? 

Please advise. What have you done in the past for this situation?


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