Can a H4 visa holder do freelancing?

Balaji K

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Can a H4 visa holder do freelancing work like writing or translation for a non-US foreign company, by being in US? The payments are made to the Indian bank for the work done. Kindly let me know if this can be done.

Another question is that Can we publish a book in Kindle-Amazon as a H4 visa holder from US?

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That is not allowed. It would be unauthorized work. It doesn't matter where the company is located, it matters where the person is located. A person on H4 status in the US can not work. Also, worldwide income has to be reported on the US tax returns.

Same thing with publishing a book. It is work, and you can not do any work while on H4 in the US (unless you have an EAD, which would require that your spouse has an approved I-140.)


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