Help to bring wife and kid back to US. H4 VISA stamping with pending shoplifting charge.


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Need an urgent help to back my wife and Kid to US. Me(on H1B) and My wife(was on H4) had very clean record. My wife got caught on a Shoplifting charge from one of the retail store for a theft of items below 50 USD from Ohio state (This is the only criminal charge in her record).She missed here scheduled court date (& hence having bench warrant now) and left the US before her court day as her father expired in home country.  Me and my wife's I94 got expired on Jan 19 itself. I am in US & have currently filed for my H1B extension and currently waiting for result. Once approved, What are the options & steps to bring them back on H4 & what are the chances of getting H4 visa? I understand that i have to work with both criminal and immigration attorney for the same.She is ready to continue the pending case once she can be back to US. Please guide with the directions.

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