Amendment for Manager Role when already got a location amendment 4 months back


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Hello Experts,

I have a valid H1B visa till Sept 2020.  I am working as TSE (technical support engineer) for the company registered in the bay area.   4 months back My employer filed a location amendment which got denied. USCIS does not believe my role as TSE is a specialty occupation and hence the denial.
Now, My company is offering me a promotion for manager role but as per attorney If I accept the new role then I will need to go through the role amendment process.
-1) Do you think there is any risk involved? 
-2) Since the location amendment denial was due to TSE not qualified for the specialty occupation. I am assuming there will be challenges to get the H1B extension after 2020 anyways so better I should go for role amendment now, THOUGHTS?   

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