H1B Expiring on October 2011 but I-94 on January 2012


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Here is the scenario:

I have an H1B VISA valid from Oct 2008 to Oct 2011. Upon entry in the US on January 2009, the officer gave me an I-94 expiring on January 2012.

Here are my questions:

1. Am I allowed to stay in the US until Jan 2012? If yes, am I still on H1B status? Can I apply for H1 transfer during the period of Oct 2011 to Jan 2012?

2. Can I apply for H1 transfer before Oct 2011 and wait for its approval until Jan 2012?

3. Can I apply for H1 extension and at the same time H1 transfer before Oct 2011?

Your responses will be greatly appreciated.


John Doe

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