H1-b RFE for pay stubs

sushil rao

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I H1-b got picked and received a rfe where i have submitted my Pay Stubs from July 2017. But received another RFE asking for the pay records and proof that i worked min of 20 hrs in a week from my OPT start date to till now.

So can we work as un-paid intent in OPT.

And what proof can i submit that justify  i worked min of 20 hrs in a week though my time sheets are generating only for last 6 months.



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You can be without pay or job for the accrual of 180 days(including vacations or gaps or out of the country).  

Opt:90days, Stem: 60days.

If you dont have pay slips and worked for volunteer position. You can provide evidence showing that you worked on volunteer position for your employer, like unpaid offer letter if you have or submitted to school, or letter from the employer stating that you have worked volunteer position and unpaid, Or any proofs or documentation like i983 and approval from Dso for the volounteer work. 

P.s: I'm not a legal consultant, please do not take it as a legal advice, the information shared by me is out of my knowledge or experience and or limited.

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