Employer Not paying Salary


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Hi All,

I recently got a full time job and I moved from my old employer. I haven't received last 2 months paycheck from my old employer. He is telling me that he will not release my pay until vendor releases the pay. Myself -> Employer -> Vendor -> Prime Vendor -> Cleint.  Prime vendor has released the pay to vendor but he is not releasing the pay.  I gave 2 weeks notice to my employer and there is an agreement which I signed with my employer which says I have to give 30 days notice if not they will withhold the 160 hours of pay. Is it legal to with hold the pay? Did anyone face the issue before. Can someone guide me on how should I proceed?. Can I complain to DOL saying that I haven't received my 2 months pay, will get I my 2 months pay If I complain or will the agreement be valid and will I just receive 1 month pay. What are the important things I have to take into consideration while complaining  

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