documents for b2 visa with special needs


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Hi All

Just want to share the experience here of my brother who had been granted visa.

First of all  i wanted to know if they were any documents needed for person with special needs. we don't need anything extra. but after booking visa appointment date, we have to send email to consulate requesting for a person to accompany, in this case my father went. the consulate will request all the details of person applying for visa and accompany person id proof like that. once we send those, they will issue an letter to accompany.   we have to take this letter along with appointment confirmation letter and show it security.

My brother cannot speak to him self , so questions were posted to my father and they were generic and  few, like question for visiting visa. 

i was searching if any one had this kind of experience before my brother visa interview , but these cases are few. so thought of posting my self.  Hope it helps.

Good luck!

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