H1B application for MS degree holder and PhD completed but degree pending


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Hello All,


I have a question in regards to H1B application. I completed a Master's degree in Pharmacology (decent university) after masters, I worked at a world-renowned cancer hospital during my OPT. After OPT I joined Ph.D. at a state university, during Ph.D. I did a ten week CPT in a big biotech company (as a course credit). I will finish all my course requirements and my Ph.D. defense by March 2019. I accepted a job offer from a start-up biotech company (50 employees currently and none on H1B).

The company is in the process of applying got my H1B for FY2020, application due April 1st, 2019.  The job requirements state that a Ph.D. is required for that job, however, I am little worried as I will not receive the Ph.D. degree by April 1st, the degree will be awarded at the end of May. I can get a course completion letter from the schools' registrars office.

I know that USCIS started rejecting applications without RFE if any of the required documents are missing. so please advise on how to proceed with my application.



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