I140 Porting Denied

Suresh Patel

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Hello All, my i140 porting was denied in Aug-2017. Initially filed with company A with PD as Nov 2011 and approved on Feb 2013. Left the company A in Mar 2016. Company A withdrew the i140 in May 2016. Due to withdrawal USCIS automatically revoked the I 140. Which I came to know when my i140 got approved with company B in Aug 2017. My lawyer asked USCIS to amend the i140 with older priority date but request got denied stating that since old i140 is revoked date cannot be ported. My lawyer filed and request and it's been 7 months now. Lawyer is saying they may not respond as they have already responded to first request. I am not sure what to do and if there is anyway to reinstate the older PD.. I will highly appreciate any suggestions.

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