Going back to F-1 visa from H-1 B visa


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I completed my bachelors degree in IT in usa in 2016. Post-graduation, i got a job and started working on OPT. My employer filed for my H1-B and my application was picked up in the lottery. So since Sept - 17  till today i have been working on H1-B visa. Now i am planning to go back to school for my MBA in 2020 and wanted to get an answer on the following questions:

1. hypothetically, i start school in Fall 2020 and graduate in 2022, so after my graduation will i go under the CAP process again or will i be able to resume working on the H1-B that i hold now? (provided i find an employer who sponsors my h1-b) - Will it just be a transfer of H1-b visa or the regular process of starting with OPT and then applying for H1-B? i am worried coz you only have one year of OPT with an MBA degree.

2. How does the COS application work? What is the right time to apply for it if you are starting school in fall-2020?

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