student visa is going to expire on march-25-2020


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Hi, My name is sai.

My student VISA is going to expire on March-25-2020,

I came to the USA in April-2015 on F1 Visa I did my Masters in Northwestern Polytechnic University(NPU) California and completed my first masters in April-2016, we lost our college accreditation in December-2016,  so I transferred to the University of the Cumberlands, KY. Now am pursuing my second masters, which is going to complete in this April-2019, So I have registered for the Ph.D. programme and got an acceptance letter in the same college which is going to start from May-2019. Here my question is in March-2020 my student visa is going to expire, Do I allowed and continue my study even though my visa expires? If I need visa stamping do I have to go back to India and get stamping done or Can I get it done here?

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On F1, usually your stay in US is dictated primarily by duration of status  . So as long as your i94  has not expired , you have not violated your F1 status and you have a valid i120, you can stay. While coming back from a trip, you will need a valid visa stamp. Do consult with your DSO for such questions. They are usually first line of contact in F1 cases.

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US visas are only for entry. The visa's expiration date just means the last day you can use that visa to enter; it doesn't have anything to do with how long you can stay in the US. You can stay in the US as long as you remain in status, and you remain in F1 status as long as you remain in good standing in your studies with a valid I-20. Only if you leave the US and need to re-enter, would you need to get a new visa, at a US consulate outside the US. You can't get a US visa inside the US because, if you're already inside, you don't need to "enter".

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Mine is the same situation. My f1 visa expires June 2019. I did my masters in UCCS graduated in may 2017 and applied for PhD program because I always wanted to get a doctorate degree. I am admitted into PhD program for the same university in August 2017 and this is my 2nd year in the program. I am trying to go to get my visa renewal before it expires so it gave me a drop-box option. I am in a situation where I am in a confused state whether to go to India get it done or stay in US maintain the status because I dont want to stop my education in between the program of something goes wrong. Any input will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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