h1b extension RFE reply while location is shut off

Amit Bhattacharyya

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I am currently working in "location A" and in the process of h1b extension , but got RFE . While replying to RFE I stumbled upon a situation. I have an old client letter where address is given as "location A", but soon "location A" will be closed ( in 7 days ) and "location B" will show up. 

considering by the time I will reply RFE, old location is closed but new one ( within 50 mile )  is not started and meanwhile I have to work from home

Below are my questions 

  1. Do I need to provide new client letter in RFE response or old client letter with old adress is fine? 
  2. Can I work from home in my petition I see my home address as work site ?
  3. Can I submit an amendment to move in some other location ? 


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