Re-entry to USA on H4 with I-797 Approval

H1B Approved 1

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I'm currently on H4 Visa and I have I-797 A approval for CAP2019. I'm traveling to India (for an urgent personal visit) in Feb but I'm planning to return to the USA on H4.

1. What are some of the questions that I can expect at Port of Entry?

2. Has anybody had experiences or seen such a scenario where candidate returns on the previous visa despite having I-797 Approval

3. Is it mandatory to get H1 stamped for re-entry?

4. What are the repercussions at the port of entry if I'm not H1B stamped?

Please let me know your experiences/ thoughts/ suggestions/advise. 

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23 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

1. None.

2. Reported many times.

3. If you want to work for the H1 sponsor.

4. None.

@Admin, @pontevecchio

Can you please post the link to #2 where this question is already been discussed. The sole reason for me posting this question is because I did not find anything related to this topic. 

# 3: Yes, I wish to work with my employer, and my employer will be filing an amendment as my I-94 will change upon re-entry.  The question still stands. Is it mandatory to get H1 stamped if I leave the country?

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