Received 1st OPT after PhD, went back to school after for Masters, applied for OPT. What are my chances of rejection?


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Hello! I am in a unique situation and in need some insights. I did my PhD in Chemistry, applied for OPT and received it in Sep 2016. But, after 9 months I terminated and enrolled in a Masters program (in May 2017) in Computer Information Systems and IT at a public university. I recently graduated and applied for my 2nd OPT. While applying my DSO did give me an I20 recommending for OPT (USCIS received my application on 30th NOV, 2018). However, I am concerned that it may get rejected due to moving to a lower degree from a higher degree. I don't know what I can do especially if I get a denial after 60 days of my I20 program end date(13 Dec 2018).  Will I have a possibility to re-enroll in to another program, if I get a denial after the 60 day grace period? When will I start to accrue my unlawful presence and do I have to leave the country as soon as I hear about my denial. Please help me with any information

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You can NOT get OPT for a lower degree. Once you have used OPT for a degree level, you can only get OPT for a higher level. If there is no higher level you can never get OPT again.

It could be that you don't get any grace period because an OPT application could be considered frivolous.


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