H4 EAD Approved , Card not processed


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Hi , 

I had applied H4 EAD in the month of August 2018 , received an approval letter from USCIS in November 2018, i still haven't received the EAD Card which will guarantee my visa status . I have an employment offer where i am required to join in mid of Feb, hoping i get the card by feb.  I created a service request with USCIS in January 2019 requesting to process the EAD card but  the SLA for USCIS  to work on a service request is 60 days , Would you be able to suggest if i should expect the card to be processed soon especially with the government shutdown ? and if there is a way to expedite the process?

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Did you get your EAD card ? We have a similar case filed on August , got approved November 23rd , yet to get the card. Raised a Service request in Dec last week to check the status, request mentioning its in review and will get an update in 60 days. Please let me know if get an update . Thanks 

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