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I am on H1b Visa and I would like to do MS Degree in any of the university (Matching with below criteria) in US.  My first priority is still working on H1 followed by doing MS

I would appreciate, if anyone of you can please provide the responses for the below questions

--- Since I am already in US, should I need to go for TOFEL/IELTS/GRE exams

-- Can I get admission / join MS degree on H1 visa.  I do not want to convert to F1 as my 1st priority is working on H1

-- I heard there some universities/MS Degree, where they conducts the classes once in a month/two months. Pls can you share the universities, if you know


CPT/OPT is not my priority as I am already on H1 but I would like to do the MS in US without changing the status from H1 to F1


Thank You in advance

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Pretty much all universities will want to see TOEFL/GRE (one exception I know is MIT, which doesn't want the GRE, but they have their own, harder test.)

You can get admission while on H1, but you will have to continue working for your employer,  which would limit study to part time.

And no real university does classes once in a month. You may have heard this from fraud institutions who are just diploma mills to get people fraud CPT work permits.

Your best option is to apply at your local public university.



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